Busy day at the National Sailing Centre!


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There was no 'hibernating' this year, but despite the fine weather, there was not much activity on the national waters here in The Netherlands (NED). Lots of teams went abroad: MIami, France and Portugal. Next week, the Radial Youth Talent Team is heading south for the second training (this year) in Vilamoura. That implied a lot of work: rebuilding the trailer for more Lasers (the RIB stays at home - there's a bunch of RIBs in Portugal already) and loading all boats, masts, sails and gear for the 2400 km trip.

Before that, we - the parents- had a wonderful meeting with people of the Dutch Olympic Committee about nutrition, sport and education. The OC really tries to help young athletes to achieve their goals.

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Today, he received this year's team clothing. Musto is the supplier of the material. My son was really swept off his feet when he realised that there's indeed NEDERLAND (The Netherlands) on the back of his gear.
"I'm not sailing for myself anymore. I'm sailing for Holland now...Wow!" I tried to take the pressure off, telling that he's still and only sailing because he likes to do it, no matter what's on his back.

His teammates are more relaxed with that: some have done the Opti World Championships already, for a few years in a row and they also did the 4.7 Championships, so perhaps he can find some support with them to relax about it.