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Broker vs. Private Seller


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I sailed years ago when I was in the Navy and am now looking to purchase a Bluewater vessel I can solo. I am looking at the Albin Vega or comparable vessel.

what is the best way to go about buying a boat? Should I contact a broker or look online? If the latter what are some good online sites? I’m not having any luck.

Thanks in advance,


Cactus Cowboy

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Broker = higher prices, since he wants his cut. I'd search C/L in various locations within range of your current home. Might be worth driving a few hours to check out a boat that suits your purpose. And when you transfer title as you pay for the boat, do it in front of a notary at a bank or wherever, so you have a witness to the transaction. Here in the wilds of Arizona, an "open carry" state, you can meet the seller with a .44 strapped to your hip... tends to 'discourage' scammers, LOL. :rolleyes: