Bow Hatch Repair of replace

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The Bow Hatch on my 82' #3318 broke when trailering it. It wasn't locked down properly and blew open. Not much damage but the supports under the Glass broke, so the hatch can't really hold any weight.

Can it be repaired? or is it worth it buying a new Bomar hatch. Lewmar makes a hatch for the boat made out of aluminum but double the price

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In addition, I see on some boats that there is a Solid cover over the hatch, where can those be purchased.

Thanks for any suggestions
I placed two 3/4" cedar battens from corner to corner on my front hatch, crossing in the center, where they are about 3" in width, tapering to about 1" in the corners, then I tabbed them with epoxy soaked glass and ran fillets around all joints. I don't worry when people sit or stand on my front hatch anymore. Also don't worry that storms on Lake Michigan might rip the hatch off.