Boom Height?

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How high above the base of the mast should the boom be attached? I have a 1987 Capri with its original sails. The boom is attached to the mast at a point 24" above the base of the mast and as a result the top of the mainsail is about 6-10" below the top of the mast when it is fully raised. Can I raise the boom so the mainsail extends fully to the top of the mast or is there an optimum distance that should be maintained. Frankly I'd love to get the boom up another 6 inches or so to avoid the frequent head banging:)
My boom goose neck floats in the mast groove so I can raise the main up to the main halyard sheeve near the top of the mast. Yours should do the same. What is holding it from moving farther up the mast? You'll also want to lengthen your main sheet traveller to to offset the increased height of the boom. Does that make sense?