Boat Names

who are the other three manufacteurers? where are they located?
For the actual four "Laser™©®"you find informations here: .

BTW, a not unimportant hint ... in the moment (April 2013):
The European and US manufacturers (as named at this link above) actually are sued by the inventor of the "Laser™©®", Bruce Kirby, to produce and offer counterfeit boats called: "Laser™©®". This belongs to "Laser™©"-dinghies that have been produced from the beginning of 2011 up to now. Kirby actually (in April 2013) has given his invention a new name: "Kirby Torch™©®" (instead of "Laser™©®") and founded a new class association, the "Kirby Torch™©®"-class. Now, actually in April 2013, the "Kirby Torch™©®"-class neither is "ISAF recommended", nor elsewhere at any country on this globe (except perhaps: USA/CAN) the "Kirby Torch"-class is registered by a national sailing federation to be a lawful "national recommended sailing association". Kirby in April 2013 also installed new manufacturers for his "Kirby Torch™©®"-dinghy that in future probably looks like a "genetic twin" of the "Laser™©®"-dinghy. Informations to the manufacturers of the "Kirby Torch™©®" you find here: . Actually (April 2013), I am not able to say if those new builders already produce any new "Kirby Torch™©®"-dinghies and sell them.

{Owner of a by Bruce Kirby accused of to be in 2011 produced and in 2012 acquired, counterfeit sailing dinghy called: "Laser™©®"-Radial, by me in future called: "The vintage-styled sailing "Kühlschranktür™©®" " ... }
Not trying to hyjack this thread but I just bought my first laser (1992 ). The boat name, courtesy of the previous owner, is "The Full Monty"....I had no intentions on keeping the name but, my brother is telling me that it's bad luck to rename a boat...any opinions on this?
King Neptune (or other God of the sea, whomever suits you), keeps a log book of all the vessels sailing and keeps watch of them.
If you were to re-name your boat, then it would not be listed in his book and he'd not recognise it from random debris people dump out there and not protect you.
The trick is to make an offering to King Neptune when you name your boat; be it it's launch or re-naming. Pouring some champagne over the bow is a common offering.
So I restored an old catamaran called "Tega Too". A Pelican stood watching me rig when I first launched it, and as I flew low over the water with hull in the air, the Pelican soared above, following. Awesome! I wanted to name it after the Pelican flying, so called it "Pelikinetic" (Pelican + kinetic). It was at an away regatta, the Batemans Bay Anzac Regatta, that I first wrote this new name on an entry form, and then went and painted the name on the side of the boat. For my offering I shared some of my lucnh with the Seagulls and asked them to pass the message on. We won our division that weekend.
My next boat was called "Slippery When Wet" >cringe<, and because this Paper Tiger had flouro coloured ropes all over it, I said whoah "Tigerdelic!" Some bread for the Black Swans on Lake Burley Griffin (Canberra) was offered at her launch, and then we won that regatta.
My Laser didn't have a name, but it's called "Firefly", after the Joss Whedon space western TV series. As in, "this is your Captain speaking. We might experience a little turbulence, and then, explode...." I poured a little bit of beer into the lake as my offering on that one. We haven't won a damn thing, but hey, it hasn't sunk!