best cover hull and deck for laser

Probably the ones made by 'the Sailors Tailor'

There are lots of covers that fit into the 'middle of the road' Aqauta is what I carry very often.

If you want the best, you need one made of the best material, and the best stitching, and from what I hear, Sailors Tailor does just that.

Your local sail loft might also make custom covers out of Sunbrella/TopGun whatever they call the stuff now. Those are always great products.
i use the Storm Covers which work well but the bungee seems a little weak.
from what i've seen the aquata covers seem to fit really tight and are sometimes a pain. i say go for either one.
i've also heard that the APS and collie covers are very good.
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Laser Bottom Cover

Bottom Cover (BOT)
Special napbac canvas (coated with grey vinyl on outside) protects bottom surface and sides from dirt and flying stones while trailing. Soft, natural white, flannel like interior of fabric polishes your racing surface keeping it slick. Has 5/16" elastic shock cord in the hem to hold the cover onto the deck (around perimeter) and webbing loops to tie drawcords across boat. Designed with screen covered drain holes.

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* PTFE Teflon® thread, for extraordinary chemical and UV resistance.
Flat-Felled seams double stitched through 4 layers
* Unique Poly Army Duck Fabric Is Vinyl Coated On Both Sides
* Heavy duty nylon zippers don’t scratch the boat.
* Stand-up flaps that snap around the stays
* 5/16" elactic shock cord in the hem
* 75% more reinforcements than our competitors
* Double-folded hems stitched through 3 layers
* Webbing loops for tie down
* We guarantee our boat cover's fit like a glove

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deafsail said:
which of best cover for deck and hul
Best for travelling or best for storage ?

I like Sunbrella (Acrillic) for storage, especially top covers when the hull is sitting on the dolly - it's very water proof, yet breathes much better and dries faster then Top Gun, Duck all the other materials I've seen. Sunbrella is not my favorite for travelling unless it's built with a lot of extra tie down points, as it stretches a lot at highway speeds. I've got one of 48111's Sunbrella top covers ( ) , on it's 4th year now and it is holding up really well and the price was right.

For travelling, look for one with good tie downs (you need to use them!) and reinforcing at the corners. All the ones listed here are well made and do a good job.
Colie covers are also great because they have great straps and they stencil your name onto the cover in big block letters so its easy to find your boat in the middle of a parking lot full of covered lasers.
hey you know what ive noticed that is weird when i put the hull cover on my boat when it is right side up it goes on easily but when it is upside down on my trailer it is the biggest pain to get on.


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I really love my deck cover from Bartlett Sails. I accidentally abandoned my previous cover he built me in the 1980s at the Nationals In Minnesota so my most recnt one was new the week after that. ( 2000 or 2001 ?? I forgot)

Anyway, the cover is still flawless, slightly faded from that brutal Texas summer sun but the material is still doing its job.
Bartlett puts a good strong shock cord around a loose fitting cover. I lie my spars o the deck, grab the bow end of the cover, hook it in place, walk to the back of the boat, hook one corner and flip the same side around the hull, walk around the back, hook the other corner, flip the side around the hull and walk away. The cover has never blown off or filled with water.
No sorry I thought we were talking about getting your name on the covers, which colie does for free, sorry about the misunderstanding colie doesnt give free covers I wish they did though.