best $10 spent on trailer

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Launching the Capri is real easy at the boat ramp, but I found retrieving has been difficult at times especially when the fenders are submerged in dark water and you can't see where to put the boat.

I bought a 10' section of PVC, cut, glued, and capped the tubes. From inside cap to inside cap is about 73" worked perfectly. I had my dad drive behind me and the tail lights were still visible.

I had to test it out by sailing in the Choctawhatchee Bay at Ft Walton Beach, FL... Wednesday and Friday of this week... maybe again today if the weather holds up. The wind was nearly perfect for easy sailing, I was cruising around 5-6 mph most of the time.

1984 Catalina 22
1989 Capri 14.2


Yes! Thanks for the pictures, Robert!

I like the stow block for the transom-end of the mast.

I'm a new boat owner. Just picked up my '88 Capri 14.2 Monday. She has been well cared for and looks like new.

My only experience has been some sailing of a Hobie Cat this summer, but it was enough to give me the bug!

I'm waiting for a clear, calm day so I can pull my new baby out of the garage and check out my ability to rig her. I established a good report with the gentleman I bought her from, so he has offered to help me with any difficulties and to go sailing with me on my maiden voyage aboard her.
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maiden voyage


Congrats on your new purchase. Great thing about these older boat is that they won't break the bank and they sail great.

The first thing I did when I bought my Capri was to practice capsizing the boat with no sails on it. Then I practiced again with my 8 yr old boy, he was a little scared at first, but we turned it into a game.

My suggestion for you is to read all the great suggestions on this site. Then get on your boat and sail it. You'll make some mistakes, just remember them and have a great time.

Keep track of how the boat sailed in the weather conditions. Then you can make adjustments on the rigging and see how the boat sails the next time out.

Enjoy your boat and sail it every chance you get.