Been jammin' to 'The Mighty Zep'---they rocked the world in their day.

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So I'm thinking about flippin' this home and relocating farther east, and yet this part of me says, "WTF, buy a boat and sail to the South Pacific & Australia! Do it NOW while you have the chance!!!" :)

This country is SO SCREWED UP with all the FRAUD and other BULL$H!T, that I'm thinking maybe this IS the best time to buy a boat and FULFILL that lifelong dream of mine... :rolleyes:

The way things are going, all those 401ks may turn into DUMPSTER FIRES anyway, AYE? So maybe I SHOULD hit the proverbial ROAD, this time in the nautical sense... ;)

So maybe it'd be BEST to leave the country for awhile, maybe for good, and to hell with this FRAUDULENT TRASH... half my large military family already live overseas, YEAH? :D

Meh, I'm STILL tryin' to figure it all out, and to help me do so, I listened to some old school tunes from 'The Mighty Zep'---tunes I grew up with while skateboarding in my youth. :cool:

Here are just a few








And a few others, LOL... long live 'THE MIGHTY ZEP!!!' They rocked the house back in the days of hardcore ramp skating in my yard, especially on the 11' ramp with overhang. That ramp was SO smooth, it was considered by my friends to be the BEST ramp ever built in Coronado, but there were a number of other excellent ramps built in that burg over the years, so no worries. My ramp had 6' of perfectly-smooth transition, 2-1/2' of pure vertical, and 2-1/2' of gradually-curving overhang with a platform for elevator drops built atop the structure. We even cut a "deathbox" high on the vert to separate the men from the boys, LOL. With three layers of thinner ply, that ramp was hard and fast, yet so smooth that it might have been Tennessee whiskey, or Cuervo Blue Agave Tequila... had a lot of good times while skating that ramp, and here's the story to prove it. I got a lousy $1000 when this story was published in the Reader, but this is my unedited blog version, the REAL STORY and my personal skateboarding saga, LOL. :eek:

Trix Are For Kids

P.S. Somewhere in that story, you'll run across a reference to 'THE MIGHTY ZEP'---probably while we were skating the very same ramp I mentioned, LOL. And a few others... ;)
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I was on it last year... then my train got derailed, and now things aren't looking so hot. My foot is killing me, I'm about to be forced to sell my home, and I'm not in the best frame of mind. I don't wanna lose my cats either, they mean more to me than any home ever will, but the thought of juggling them while pulling another relocation is daunting. I'm still working on a solution... the home is the least of my worries (apart from the hassle of moving), this town has gone sour on me ever since I lost that good gubmint job with full retirement. Hard to believe so much grief could stem from one incident. I'm ready for a change of scenery, as I can't seem to stop dwelling on that job loss for ALL the wrong reasons. I worked hard on that job too, getting 65 gas-powered carts up & running strongly, and cleaning up the filthy shop (worst I've ever seen, and I've seen a few in my time). Meh, nobody ever said life would be FAIR, AYE? :confused:

This PC bull$h!t is WAY outta control... I STILL can't believe I lost a job for calling somebody out on smoking near fuel. That just defies all logic, let alone OSHA safety regulations, but last year will go down in history as the year when ALL rules & regs went out the freakin' window. Now it's time for me to pick up and move on, as I seem to have exhausted all possibilities here. I'm tired of answering ads which turn out to be for part-time jobs, zero benefits... I have to consider my future, and I keep thinking that maybe I can get on with another city or county elsewhere. Or move to where there's a bit more going on in the way of industry & agriculture. I still have that CDL-A too, which might help me get a good job in another area. I don't want to go back on the road, not at my age... I already saw the country anyway, before it started going downhill. I just gotta find my place in this world, somewhere I can spend the rest of my life in peace. :rolleyes:

I've been thinking about retrenching deeper into Redneck Land, maybe over there by the lakes in eastern Oklahoma. Or trying another part of Arizona, maybe New Mexico, so I wouldn't be dealing with all that humid slop in summer. Heat I can take, but humidity wears me down now that I'm older. I might have to bite the bullet though, since I can buy a nice lake home over there in Okie Land for around $30K. It'll be a fixer, of course, but not too bad, and the work might get my mind off the failed job here. I could buy a fairly inexpensive home in the Carolinas too, but I'm not sure I want to live in a mixed-race population, particularly in light of events during recent months. The older I get, the less drama I want near me... I have enough to contend with, just trying to stay afloat in this crazy world. So I'm working on solutions to my current situation, and I'm hoping I can somehow take the cats with me, wherever I go. :)

Right now, I gotta get cleaned up and run to the store to buy some lidocaine ointment, I just used the last of my Tiger Balm this morning and I want to try the lidocaine to see if it'll alleviate this foot pain. Remember when I hurt my foot on that gubmint job? Pushing an 800-lb. cart onto the lift by myself when nobody else was around? I wound up popping or crunching some bones, tendons, ligaments, whatever in my foot roughly a year ago, and this latest grief seems to be related to that past injury. Dunno how I aggravated it, it just seemed to flare up on its own, and it has certainly been giving me bloody hell ever since... tossing and turning all night for two nights straight, and finally dropping off from sheer exhaustion around 0500. I'm hoping the lidocaine helps numb the pain so the inflamed neural network can mellow out and die down... it's not quite as bad as that sciatic pain, but darned close. No hiking for this kid today, lol... :cool: