Batten Storage

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I like to remove the battens from the main before folding the sail and stuffing it and the battens in the sail bag. Being an orderly kind of guy I have been keeping them together with a rubber band which get misplaced almost every time I remove it to reinsert the battens.
While doing some sprinker head relocating in my yard this weekend I came across the idea of storing the battens inside of a length of 1/2" plastic pipe.
Photo shows the pipe, a 1/2 x 3/4 adapter and a threaded 3/4" cap. The other end of the tube has a standard 1/2" cap. The 3/4" threaded cap is tethered with a short length of stout line. Drill a small breather hole in the bottom of the standard cap. (Just because it seems like a good idea to me.) Total cost of material including a 10' piece of 1/2" pipe: about $2.50.
This won't guarantee that you will remember to put in the battens before launching and leaving them in your sail bag in your car, but it might help.