Barney post strength


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I just got a new 14.2 and took it out for the first time on Lake Latonka Sunday and had a blast. We had to tip it over to get leaves and things out of the centerboard slot that were preventing it from going down all the way. I jumped back in the shallows but my buddy couldn’t get back in in deeper water. I had a strap ladder attached to the hiking strap but they fed out of the slot cleat and it didn’t hold. I was wondering if the Barney post would be strong enough to attach one to. I have looked at the aluminum ladders but don’t want to mess with a job like that until winter.
I've heard others connect a ladder to the eyelet in transom that the aft hiking strap connects to. Makes me a bit nervous as the direction of pull is perpendicular to intended direction! I imagine the barney post would be strongest thing you could connect to!
I was thinking about coming up with some type of hook that could be used on the transom. Something like below. Have to figure out how to make it fiberglass friendly (coating or material choice).