Bailer Balls

My Sunfish arrived with a broken bailer, so I bought a new one—then decided against it—plugged the hole with a "near-flat" plastic gas-cap, silicone sealer and tape. (And carry a big stopper ;) ).

Since the bailer opening sits about 1/4" above the cockpit floor, unless you can Harry Potter the last little bit into the drain hole, there will always be something to sponge up.
1) I read here that natural sponge is best—and it is.

2) Since I mostly sail "recumbent", I sit (dry) on a 1"-thick gardener's pad.

3) To get those last drops, how about a narrow saw-cut across the top of the "Bailer Cap"? (Yes, it weakens it some). :(

4) Alternately, when the bailer is removed, a small hole could be drilled through the bailer cap.
Don't forget to bring along a battery operated hair dryer to dry up the left over moisture so your Sunday shoes don't get damp!

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