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Hi, I see a lot of avatars that are to big. The forum software has a bug in it, it will not limit the size of the avatar. I think it is become necissary to disable them until we upgrade to the new forum software in a week or 2. What do you think.
[quote:769dbbbdb8="Goonie"]No leave them. It represents a mature forum with frequent retureners.[/quote:769dbbbdb8]

I'm sure they will return...its only a matter of controlling the size of the avatar photo. I've already had to ask people to scale down their image multiple times. In one case it was so big it took up most of the browser.
The new version of the software will restrict to a default size as to prevent this "mistake" from occuring. :)


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Now, here's a pure technical issue.

Non-compliance with stated Avatar sizes...

The Avatar is a means of self expression equal to the text of any post. As such, it is possible to view this technical concern (with stated size criteria in pixels and KB) here as equivalent to an equally technical case where, say, some members try to send "attachments" in an e-mail environment where attachments are not technically allowed.

In this respect, trying to prevent large Avatar sizes by removing ALL Avatars may be seen by some as similar to trying to ban posts because some posts are not up to par with technical specifications.

It degrades the value of the time spent by those who cared to comply with the technical specifications.

It is like denying everyone the right to drive to work because the traffic lights do not work somewhere, or because some drivers do not know how to drive.

And when such a cure is suggested, the issue ceases being a technical issue and becomes a public policy issue. Thus, we must be careful.

These are some the pains of working with complex software. The penalty is always incurred by the Admins. The better procedure here may be to contact those with large Avatars, informing them that their Avatars will be resized as the Admin sees fit (unless they want to do it themselves), and then sitting down and resizing them on Adobe Photoshop.

The reason why I am suggesting that it may be the Admin's duty to do the legwork is because the subscriber should not bear the burden of allocating extra time to such a correction if he does not want to because it is the software was not behaving as expected.

Just a thought!

Best regards,

Shevy Gunter


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Avatars are down for the next few weeks until the bugs are worked out of the system. You are welcome to create them, and get them ready when for when the new board comes, and you will be able to upload your own, and not host it somewhere.


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Brad I think its time we allow avatars again. Just tell the people with the avatars that are to big to change it and if they dont....