AutoBailer not flush with hull

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Hello, I bought a '93 radial a couple months back with the intent of racing the junior sailing regattas in SoCal, and have just finished upgrading all the rigging, but one thing I cannot figure out how to fix, is the fact that the leading edge of my auto bailer sticks up a couple millimeters. I can't imagine thats great for boat speed, and my coach recommended putting packing tape around the edges of it, but that he wasn't sure if it were legal. How could I get it to be flush, and if its too difficult, what are your opinions on the packing tape idea?


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Tape it.

Class rule 13: The bailer may be sealed with tape, filler or glue along its edge where it joins the hull and at the screw hole. Filling the screw hole level with the flat surface of the bailer is permitted. Fairing the flat surface of the bailer to the hull shape or changing the profile of the bailer is not permitted.