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Armada Relocation

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For the win! We rolled the dolly up onto the Carry On 5x10 trailer to make sure we had side to side dolly clearance, and checked again to see how far forward we could go before we ran out of room at the bow. Turns out we have room, but once the dolly and boat are up there the hatch can't be opened. That works great for now, load the car first then tie down the dolly and boat.






Now, who has a good electric winch setup for the trailer?


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You might re-think having the gudgeon right next to that support. Should your boat slide a half inch, might be an issue. Forward another couple inches might help.
Agree...some cutting is in order. Even secured to the trailer, that's a Sunfish's most bouncy location on the trailer--so--your Sunfish "needs some space". ;)

Suggest you fill the empty space with a Styrofoam spacer to the adjacent structural steel support, test drive, and see where more needs to be cut. Use a 3/8" bolt through the gudgeon to help hold the spacer in place, then substitute the Styrofoam spacer (for good) with a stiff foam-rubber block.

BTW, did you see that Navarre, Florida made "The Best 50 locations in the US" list in which to live? (CBS/Money site).

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Thanks, good tips about making a gudgeon bumper and/or just keeping it clear.

Navarre was a fun place to relax, and only in the last 2-3 years did the housing prices jump, trying to catch up with Pensacola and Destin. Great schools, but unfortunately the rest of the infrastructure has a long way to go to catch up with the booming development. The "Job Opportunity" citation was a laugh, plenty of jobs if you like working at fast food restaurants or grocery stores, or commuting 45+ minutes. And yes, the opening scenes of Jaws were filmed there, the Holiday Inn hotel with the indoor pool was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. We liked Navarre because it was quiet 2001-2018 and most of the NW Florida tourists had not found it yet, but after Hurricane Michael 2018 wiped out Panama City we got a new batch of folks from Texas/Oklahoma/Arkansas to go with the previous batch of Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama/Georgia/Tennessee crowd, which strains the few grocery stores that are down there. ANd it seems the young Boomers are cashing in their 401Ks and finding their way out there. On a Summer day you can easily find 30+ different State license plates out at the pier beach.

Our favorite hiding spot was out at Opal Beach in the Gulf Islands National Seashore, very few people found their way out there. It is on the beach road between Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach. You can beach launch on the Gulf or on the Santa Rosa Sound side.



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Skipper found a new spot for her hammock.


Clearing of the back lot is finished, we plan to put in a walking path and add back some ground cover. The area where the hammock is will be screened in, the plan is to make a hexagon shaped enclosure around the big tree, the hexagon shape being reminiscent of the screwpile lighthouses that used to be on the James River. Our builder even donated a light fixture to be the light.


Point Shoal Light.


If Skipper plays her cards right I'll add davits for a Light Keeper's boat :)

We finished the Sunfish Shack, painted the sides and the trim. Now on to more landscaping and figuring out where the Carriage House aka Runabout Resort will be located.


Our street dead ends into a branch of this creek, nice area for canoes and kayaks. Might buy an empty lot there, or find another "Launch Lot" in the area.



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That cannon could come in handy.

Have I mentioned my story of a committee boat? :oops:

We had a good start working for us (with me at the helm), but we were being squeezed by a much bigger cruiser (Morgan). The owner of our boat was being trained by me, so I asked of him, "Your call..."

He says, "Go for it".

We got through, helped by the "wash" from the boats on either side!

:confused: Whew...I won't do that again...:eek:

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Well our plans for a Screw Pile lighthouse got shelved, we found out that due to our back acreage being declared a "Conservation Area" we can't build anything there. It will be a fun area to walk, hang a hammock and watch critters though.

In other news, Carriage House v2.0 arrived a few days ago. We scaled down to a 12x20 prebuilt shed, and will have fun filling it with boats and boat parts.


But first we have to parley with the pirates that claimed the shed as a prize as soon as it showed up.


First order of business is to build a bridge from the driveway to the shed. We circled all the wagons for this endeavor, one of them is full of Alcort rudders and daggerboards, they will go on a pegboard wall along with our booty of Alcort hardware.


Some hardware got repurposed for use as shed door mooring points.


I was hoping to get a boat or two out of the overstuffed Sunfish Shack into the shed first, but tools and wagons had other ideas...