Any value at all to a sailboat with no mast?


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Per my previous post, my Tatan 28 was dismasted, through no fault of my own. Insurance will probably make me whole, but my thought is, at least for the season, remove the broken part of the mast and putt around. That would of course require me to compensate the insurance co accordingly. So my question is: Is there any value to a soialboat with no mast? I have seen other threads which indicated they do not motor very well, would it have any value? Or am I better to just let it go?
Tatan 28 Is that an autocorrect error? Titan or Tartan?

used masts can be found. Do you have the hardware or the broken mast? There are internal and external splints that can repair most masts. Boat yards such as Torresen in Muskegon, Michigan have racks of parts and masts. Look on EBay.

If you are done with the boat find a broker to handle it or list on line.