Question Any one ever row their Capri 14.2?


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I know the usual (non power) method of getting in and out of a launch area is with a paddle. But I am wondering about installing some oar locks and rowing when the wind dies far from the boat ramp. I really don't care to install a motor, outboard or trolling. The paddle is just not very efficient for more than a hundred yards or so.
I'm thinking the same thing, going to look at an Omega soon and seems a good idea. My 12ft Sea Witch came with them
The only thing I don't get is let's take a look at the seating arrangement of a Capri type sailboat and compare that to a true rowboat. Sailboat's seats are paralell to the length and are on both sides. Where would one sit to be able to grab both oars? Not to mention having to store the oars. They would have to be fairly long to be effective, too long to put in the cuddy unless you had some custom made collapsibles. Rowboat's seats are perpendicular, allowing the oarsman to sit in the middle and pull equally.
For the relatively cheap price of the smallest Minkota (30 lb) and my AGM battery setup I've enjoyed many seasons of the great utility value this offers!


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