Any heard of an Edo Western?


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Hi everyone

I'm new to this thread but a longtime Sailfish/Sunfish sailor. I just ran across a boat that had "Edo Western" on the serial number plate. It looks like a Sunfish but with a molded-on combing. I didn't see the sail rig yet. The model number was 8101 and it had a serial number of 41. It had a Salt Lake City, Utah address. Has anyone ever heard of these? Were they built for Sunfish or a clone? Are the parts interchangeable?


Between the late 60's and about 1980 there were probably 50 different small board boats based on the Sunfish. This one doesn't show up on US Sailing's portsmouth records either, so it's a very low volume or short duration model.
did you do a search on the address?
if not try searching an online directory and see if it pops up. maybe they are still around making other things
Re: Anyone heard of an Edo Western?

Thankyou both for your replies

I did perform a search for Edo Western and found that the company is still alive and well. It manufactures aerospace and marine industry plastics and other technical products. Must have been a short run of sunfish clones since the serial number of the one I saw was number 41.