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Another question on Ronstan Clear Start !


Hi, I´ve been reading some old threads (2004) regarding this watch, all I could see was that the watch keep breaking or leaking, some said that this problem was solved with the newest watches made by Ronstan, last friday I got mine but now I think, have I made a bad investment??:(
Anyone out there who has bought this watch this year and still working?



2009 and still working like new after being used in all conditions, the only problem was that the clip on the strap broke (likely the cold weather and impact) I sewed it together and I like it even better now (since I wear it around my wrist anyway)

Rob B

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Mine is the old "Sailing Specialties" model before Ronstan bought them out. I think it goes back to 2004 or earlier. I've replaced the battery a couple of times and had to write in the what the buttons do w/a sharpie after bug spray removed the previous graphics. Still love it. Now that I'm rounding the corner on 45 the BIG numbers display is awsome!
My wife got me a Rostan sailing watch - I think it was one level above the Clearstart. As a Christmas gift in the northeast it got little use for months but in that time I replaced the battery twice and then it stopped working altogether. The Ronstan people were very responsive and sent me the Clearstart, saying they'd had many difficulties with the other model. They even sent me some sailing gloves to cover the price differential. I like the watch but the functions aren't very intuitive leading me to keep the instructions handy. It has been reliable so far.