An experimental clew tie-down sleeve

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In a thread titled "World Council's heavy hands" in this forum, I had written:

> After consulting with sponsoring institutions, the designer
> decided that we would all be better off if we did not present
> this design to the Lasering world right now via drLaser.

After consultation of the parties, it is now decided to go ahead and publish this article on "drLaser".

"JC Tie-down Sleeve", an article about the re-engineered clew tie-down fitting designed by John Christianson is now made available in the "Class & Racing Rules" and "Maintenance" sections of the drLaser web site.

It's just the facts. No politics. No bitching!

The article is for ILCA Members only! Your sensitivity to any intellectual property made public in this article will be appreciated. I'm sure the designer would also appreciate any private or public comments from Laser Class Members.

Best regards,

Shevy Gunter
Editor, drLaser