Almost lost my boom block

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I noticed after sailing today that the screws holding the eye strap of the boom block were stripped. Recommendations on a fix?
1) Larger screws
2) Move the eye strap a bit fore or aft
3) Boom bail to replace eye strap
4) Take the opportunity to re-rig in a more efficient/effective way

Your opinions are most welcome
I believe option 1,2 or 3 would work just fine. I would avoid changing the rigging if you ever plan to race. I would also consider a reinforcement plate to repair the area. Possibly cut a piece of aluminum or stainless into a small football shape and fit it to :rolleyes:the lower portion of the boom. The "football" patch/reinforcement can be secured with a couple of screws in the points/ends of the material providing mew material at the exact point where the eye was originally placed. This should make the boom as well as the eye connection point much stronger.
I took out original screws. I drilled the rivet that holds the blue end cap at the mast end and removed the blue end cap. Then I fed a long length of dental floss thru the hole until it came out at the end of the boom and taped a stainless steel bolt to the end of it. I then pulled the threaded/taped end of the screw thru the hole and tightened a stainless steel lock-nut with automotive Locktite on the threads. Did this for both holes of the block eye and shot in a new aluminum rivet for the blue end cap. This has NEVER failed me and I did this in 1992! :)