Aftermarket Hiking Straps


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Hello all,

Does anyone have any leads on some aftermarket hiking straps for the 14.2? The ones listed on Catalina direct seem quite expensive compared to aftermarket straps for other boats.

Do any other dinghy hiking straps work with the C14? It’d sure be nice to get some zhiks on this boat!
It is a 2" wide nylon webbing strap with a loop sewn into one end. If you wanted to use tri-glide slides (also called buckles) at both ends, you don't really need the sewn-in loop. The strap material costs very little. Marine grade slide adjusters will be the expense.
Buy a roll of the strap and some slide adjusters from Amazon. Use a hot-knife to cut and fuse the strap. When I mounted the rear strap at the sampson post, I did NOT pit it under the mainsheet block/cleat. I simply tied a harness between the two sides of the post and hung it off of that.