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Aft Inspection Port


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Where do you install a aft inspection port when you have the old style rudder? I have seen the diagram of where to install ports, but that diagram is for the news style. Will I cut into foam if it is installed where shown?



I am guessing you need the port to dry your SF out and not to install the rudder upgrade. Draw a line connecting the front of the traveler eye straps (or about 13" back to the center) and center your 5" port (a 4" is too small and a 6" is more than you need) on that line. You may hit a little foam but that is no problem, remove what is in the way. Even then you may also hit a little of the wood block, again no problem. Use the lid to draw your line for the cut line using a "sharpie" marker. Drill 3/8" hole inside the line for your jig saw blade and cut on the line. A metal cutting jig saw blade seems to work best for cutting the hole. Some bedding foam may be attached to the fiberglass that you cut out, no problem. The rudder upgrade can easily be done in about 15 minutes after the port is installed in this slightly forward location. See pictures, the Red boat has the port installed and was later upgraded. Any questions, just ask.



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Thanks for the info, I put in a 4 inch port (I can always upgrade to a 5 inch). Dont know if I will be installing the new rudder system. Will wait and see how dry I can get her.
Thanks Again
B. Matt


I don't have the spring plate nor the long bolt, so the rudder came out completely last month on my 'Fish. I'll have to make an inspection port at the rear to secure the rudder.

I want to make a home-made spring plate in inox or aluminum. Which metal is would make the best job?