Adding cleat to base of mast

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Being new I am likely overthinking this. On my clonefish the halyard runs through a fairlead just aft of the mast step and is then cleated just in front of the cockpit. I would think this setup leads to a bit of stress to the deck. Is there any point to adding a cleat to the base of the mast to prevent undue stress or will I weaken the mast?

I imagine boat was well designed but I am just thinking on this. Let it be??

As far as sailing getting a bit better each day. Jibe is coming along .

Actually docked in a 20 kt wind. Ran downwind to the dock and maybe 20-30 yards from dock made a nice sweeping turn to face upwind(not sure of proper terminology, maybe just "headed upwind" ?) and drifted to dock in irons. Looked like I knew what I was doing , finally. Dropped the sail just before dock as wind seemed to shift a bit.