Adding Cam Cleats


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Hi. After sailing my Laser last season, I've decided that I want to add small cam cleats just forward of the grab rails. I know many advise against this but after sailing this past weekend on some longer courses in breezy conditions, I just don't have the hand/grip strength that's necessary. I'm also looking into swapping my mainsheet block. My question is: how do I mount the cleats securely without access to the underside of the deck (I have no inspection ports as hull is dry and I prefer to not cut any). Can I use a wood screw and marine sealant or is there a better way to do this? Any advise appreciated.
Can I use a wood screw and marine sealant
In one word, yes. The area where the cleats have to be positioned is reinforced precisely for this purpose. It's shown in the measurement diagrams; small (28 mm) cleats should fit just inside of the non-skid area. (Fore-and-aftwise the customary placing is so that the sheet is 90° to the centreline when cleated, or slightly forward.)

Personally I would feel helpless without sheet cleats! The top of the fleet is using them less and less though; at the last year's Olympics, I counted only half of the top ten in the Standard fleet having them. The top two had no cleats, but Hermann Tomasgaard who took bronze actually used his quite actively which his onboard video footage showed. Whatever suits your style.