Adding a Trolling Motor


I had a rough time trying to leave the lake via the busy dock at Folsom Lake in Northern CA. I would like to get a motor to help with safely getting to and away from the dock in my'94 C14.2.
Few motor questions:
  • How much thrust?
  • Which size/kind of battery?
  • Are the motor and battery OK in a capsize?
  • When trolling, do you need to raise the rudder?
In the meantime, at the lake, if the wind and traffic are not optimal, should we just row to the dock?
I have a lightweight Minn Kota 30 lb. thrust that pushes it well if no wind and well enough if windy.
I power with a lithium battery (mainly because it weighs far less than other varieties). If you're just looking to get to/from dock, you could maybe use a small motorcycle battery.
I don't think motors are designed to be submerged. If you mounted towards center of transom, it probably would go under unless you turtled the boat.
I use the rudder for steering (most of time). In fact, when windy, I leave the centerboard down too. Helps prevent the boat from being blown around too much.
Check my earlier posts you'll see a bunch of info about my trolling motor setup. Now I did research about doing a lithium battery but was advised that if they get wet they can explode and burn! I've had great luck with my Minkota, you would do well to replicate my setup. And I always lower the centerboard as soon as the boat's in the water, it makes a big difference in stability for sure. Any questions, feel free to ask!