Add wheel to a j/24

Jim McGee

New Member
Hello, I have developed a disability with my right hip which makes it difficult for me to come about in a tiller sailboat. I am planning to install an Edson 24" Wheel System that is specially made for an outboard rudder. I plan to arrange it so the wheel can be removed and a tiller used. Questions, can I do this and still race my J/24 under class rules with a wheel helm? Has anyone done this? Edson that no record of anyone converting a J/24 to date. I plan to use the design from an O'day 272 LE (1984) for the Wheel Assembly and build a helm seat to straddle the side lockers that can be moved forward and aft. If I can't convert this J/24 it will be up for sale this spring in Southwest MI, Jim McGee 269-231-9862