Add hiking strap to Laser Pico?

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I bought a used Pico which has no hiking straps, or the hardware they attach to. Can I add a center hiking strap? How do I fasten it?

Thanks so much!


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IIRC, the Pico has more than one strap: one long-ish centre strap, one small centre in the front (used when sailing double-handed) and two short straps on both sides just inside the cockpit, near the gunwales. Those 'side straps' are used when you need to get the boat upright after a capsize.


Here, the 4 straps are more or less visible: 2 centre straps and 2 short ones on both sides of the cockpit.

The Pico is a widely used boat here at sailing schools. Most have those 4 straps in place. I know that bigger, taller sailors remove the side straps because they're strong enough to get the boat upright again.
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Thanks for the info. But do you know if I can add a long center strap to a Pico that doesn't have one? There is no hardware to attach it to, so I guess I would have to drill into the hull?
Thanks again.