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So the grand finale are some great action shots taken by a fellow sailor. The swing keel version of Capri actually points to weather better than the fixed keel at the expense of being a bit tender. It's a bit faster also. But that forces one to be a better sailor. It's like driving a Ferrari instead of a station wagon. With 4 seasons under my belt I can sail this boat to it's max under any conditions. Just takes practice, balance, agility, good reactions, and a nice 195 lb girth. At age 67 it seems that if I love my pasta then that's the way it goes! The wife and the doc both say I need to lose 20 lb but that would decrease the performance of the boat! You can see that point's dramatically shown on some of these pics!
Glad I finally conquered this photo thing. Feel free to ask if there's anything you want to know more about


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Yep I only paid $1,200 for it, needed a lot of work. A real diamond in the rough! The biggest hassle was reinforcing the hollow transom on the Mod 1, If you add stuff without doing that you're asking for trouble. I think the Mod 2 was solid. If you need any more detailed advice feel free to ask