Action movie clip on 420 helm and crew works

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Hi all,

This is definitely not related to Laser sailing but still on sailing except on 420 dinghy.

I am new to 420. Just did a conversion course 2 Sundays ago. Last weekends, was practising the role work of helm and crew. My team member and me exchanged role. Oh gosh.. I was clumsy and inelegant especially as crew!!! I was so slow with hosting the spinnaker and kept making mistake, eg. ropes got twisted here and there...

So, anyone knows where I can download movie clip on 420 helm and crew actions on water, please let me know...

I would like to view more on how people do it... :(

Thank much......
I don't know about a movie, but I do know about sailing double-handers. It just takes practice. When my crew and I first started sailing together last year we were like that - I was continually stuffing things up and we were like two people working independantly, rather than two people working together like we are now.

Since then we have sailed together most weekends, and also taken part in some big competitions. These competitions are a great experience as they force you to work together, otherwise you don't get anywhere.

All I can say to you is:



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Thanks 9804!
Guess the 3 key words at the last of your message will be the ultimate advice for further improvement.

I had wanted a video clip cos I would like to see how the crew hoists up the spinnaker... the procedures... it seems that different people do it different way.... Well, if there is, it will be a plus. If not, it is alright... just practise and see which sequence is comfortable for me.
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Thanks TimClark..
Had a couple of training sessions with my helm. I am the crew. Indeed practise makes perfect.. we are still underway to improvements... However, I do notice one cons about sailing double-handed. Both helm and crew need to find same free timeslots in order to practise together. Compared to sailing single-handed, it is just as and when you like... More flexible... Sometimes, time coordination can also post a certain level of headaches... :(