A Theological Question Regarding Sunfish Rigging

Wouldnt it make sense that you spend more time on Starboard than port, and typically start on starboard? I havent done any studies, but just thinking back I believe most people prefer to be on starboard iof for no other reason we round to port, we have rights while on starbaord, and we typically start on starboard.
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Dear power groove,

If the racecourse is square, you'll spend equal time on both tacks...all things being equal. On courses having a triangular component (two reaching legs) you'll sail one on starboard and one on port. There is an advantage, in general, being on starboard in "groups" but wind directional changes can throw the best laid plans into the drink, so to speak.

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AQ Bill, prepare to have your mind blown! This 1960 Sunfish/Sailfish ad shows sails on the starboard side of the mast!!!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Alc...584?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ad1002928

However, they show the same boats with the sails on the port side as well, so I have a feeling they just flipped the negatives so the boats were going in the direction the art director for the ads liked best. Perhaps you should buy this brochure and further investigate.
I agree with beldar that we're probably way overthinking this, BUT... Could it be that since most of the population is right handed it's easier to raise the sail (pull down on the halyard) with your dominant (right hand for most of us) and then feed the line through the lead/pulley with your left hand. You could do it that way from the port side, but it would be more awkward.
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:confused:The "end times" must be approaching. I've concluded that they had to go one side or the other and someone chose to put the fairlead to starboard and, ergo, the boom to port. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? My "koan" shall now be a our Sunfish question which can never be solved except by faith. Testify brothers & sisters, testify.:oops:
I've a graduate degree in theology and am a neophyte Sunfish sailor. In my humble, yet very well-theologically-educated opinion, sailcraftri has the the answer with the greatest explanatory power, but I think hilulover's neo-Marxist (in literary theory terms; no accusation of socialism) answer suspecting political motivations is persuasive, too. :)