A Friday tribute to Jan Gougeon

My plan is to mix up a batch of GOOOOGE at 7 pm Eastern US Time on Friday and stir it until it hardens.

Please join in wherever you are.

gouv, wonderful idea.
I'm 'in that boat'. (13.00 o'clock Berlin Time (Central European Time = CET = "GMT+1"))

For those that want to do the same, but don't have any idea about the correct time in that moment at that place where one lives, to join this project of condolence:

At the folllowing link below you'll be able to transfom the (your!) current time into"US-Easern"time, wherever you live:


(There in the 1st line (location) take "U.S.A. New York Time" for "US EasternTime", 07.00)