80 degrees with 14% humidity, big-time BBQ weather...

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Whoooowheeee!!! It is NICE out there, looks like I'll be BBQing later this afternoon... NOAA Weather says 80 degrees, but 80 feels good when the air is still dry. Temp will be dropping too, which will make everything perfect. Got all the windows open, with a cool breeze and a reading of 78 in my home. Well, this IS the vernal equinox, so spring has definitely arrived. :rolleyes:

Gave myself a haircut with the clippers to keep cool (and save money), and it feels good. In my youth, this might have been mistaken for a punk rock cut, or some sort of 'mod' cut, but at my age it's all about LOW MAINTENANCE, lol. Ever since the Aaarrrrggghmy, I've kept my hair short, it's easier that way... low maintenance is KING here in Redneck Land, 10-4? ;)

I'd simply shave my skull like some skinhead, but I'm too damned ugly without hair... in a perfect world, I'd lose the hair altogether and install aluminum cooling fins running fore & aft atop my dome, same way ya see cooling fins on motorcycle heads, lol. Make 'em stylish too, and keep 'em nice and clean, no corrosion allowed... corrosion is VERBOTEN, lol. :confused:

My friend Wade used to have an outrageous cut back in the day, crazy fool was a paratrooper from another military family in Coronado... the cut I mention was a cross between a flat-top and some heller punk cut, he had two "fins" running longitudinally on the upper "corners" of his skull, so I called him "TWIN FIN!!!" Really funny guy, he'd keep the rest of us rolling with laughter in those carefree halcyon days... :D

He was a crazy b@stard, but we had some good nautical adventures together, including surfing the Point one day in his inflatable with an eggbeater on the transom... I was in the bow, Wade was on the throttle, and we rode 'Little Waimea' when it was BIG, lol. Laughing our @$$es off, since we were drunk & stoned... that was a WILD RIDE, lemme tell ya, carving down the line, lol. :eek:

Man, that was a long time ago, but I remember it like it happened yesterday... I reckon we were fortunate to live in that area before it got so crowded. Things were different back then... and now I understand why old codgers always refer to them as "the good ol' days!" There was so much freedom, same way there's heller freedom here in the mountains & high desert. :)

Meh, enough reminiscing, time to grab another cold one and throw some BBQ material in a bowl of marinade... I already have some green salad made from yesterday, all I gotta do is fire up the 'Q and enjoy this fine weather. Hope y'all are enjoying fine weather as well, I've had enough of Old Man Winter, that's for GODDAM sure, LOL. CHEERS!!! :cool:
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Oh, man... that was some GOOD BBQ, lol. This time around, I took a whole pineapple, sliced it as it was (thick skin, core & all), and threw it atop the meat along with the usual onions and hot peppers... trimmed the Hawaiian number as I ate, same for the onions & peppers. DAMN, that $h!t was GOOD, lol. I'm so freakin' full right now, I'm DONE... heading toward ye olde rack to get horizontal, and to heck with the dishes. I put away the leftovers, scraped the plates & whatnot, now they're soaking in soapy water until MANANA, lol. :rolleyes:

Meh, this is a bachelor pad and I own it, so those dishes can sit rent-free in the dual stainless steel sink overnight, lol... won't hurt the sink a goldurned bit, AYE? Gotta love dual stainless steel sinks, they're the bomb for confirmed bachelors, lol. Okay, I gotta get on with my business here, but this was a very good start to spring in a whole new year, and the weather was absolutely perfect. It's still nice enough to sit outside for awhile, but I'm too darned full, the sooner I get horizontal, the better... hiking out aboard a Laser would be TORTURE right now, lol. Meh, beats starvation hands down... CHEERS!!! ;)