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8.1 Sail Number


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Hi all,

I've recently purchased an 8.1 sail that happens to be the one Steve Cockerill (correct me if I'm spelling that wrong) first tested the design with. I haven't found much about sail numbers, but what I have found is that your number would be the purchase number in your region. So if you were the 111th person to buy an 8.1 in the US your sail number would be 111.

My question is:
If I have no means of finding the number sold in my region and no recent news about them, would I be able to put my sail number as 0?
I don't intend to race it, and to my knowledge, it was the first 8.1 made or used. The sail bag says "SAMPLE" on it too.

Is it allowed, and or right to?



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Doesn't matter. The Rooster 8.1 isn't an active racing class anymore, and even if it was, that sail of yours sounds like a prototype and probably not class-legal anyway. You don't need any markings at all on it - or alternatively, you can put anything you want there! If "0" sounds good to you, then go for it.