470 Main Halyard Lock Necessary for Recreational Sailing?


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I have on old 470 that I am putting back together. Originally it looks like it had a main halyard lock. My question is whether there is the need to try to resurrect this lock for recreational sailing (the boat is way past its racing days) or can I just rivet a cleat to the bottom of the mast and call it good (i.e. is mast compression something I don't need to worry about.) Any thought from people more experienced with rigging are appreciated. Thanks.
The class rules say just "The sail shall be hoisted on a halyard. The arrangement shall permit hoisting and lowering of the sail at sea with the boat upright." And that there has to be a main halyard "system" on the mast (that is, you can't lead it anywhere else). No mention of cleat/lock type or vertical placement, or halyard material.

Easiest option (I think): an all-rope halyard (4 mm double-braid Dyneema or similar) + a side-entry Clamcleat near the mast foot + an optional lead block behind it (so you can hoist by pulling in any direction).