470 cheap

Roy Brown

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Hey Shipmates

I have a rigged out 470 collecting dust in the driveway. It is a project boat with a lot of potential. It has three sets of sails and outrigger. I want to find a good home for her. Parts and rigging are alone worth something for other 470. It has a great trailer that store and move gear. She is located in Fayetteville, NC.

Please contact me if interested and I fill you in on details. Some the rigging and decals on her she has raced in World class events.

She just needs time and energy to get her back in shape.


[email protected]
Builder, approximate building year, approximate price range? (And what do you mean with ”outrigger” :confused: )

As always, pictures would help a lot :rolleyes:

Thanks for reply. Sorry it has a trapeze. It is made in Holland. It is an 80s made boat. Will get some pictures but it doesn’t not look pretty.