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The boat I have is missing the metal and gasket for the centerboard slot. I have searched the Internet and have not seen anything for 470 in particular.

I have seen generic gasket material where you can cut a slot down the center and use contact cement or double back adhesive tape. I haven't seen any metal replacement strips with the gasket material just for the 470. Not sure if the metal band are necessary to protect the keel or serve a purpose.

Any thought and ideas appreciated. Need to get at the bottom of the boat anyways to clean and polish. Photos attached.

Thank you



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Mackay is apparently the only one who sells class-specific gaskets online: Shop - Mackay Boats - NZL

You could alternatively/additionally ask David Hughes about this.

The metal strip method of attachment is a robust alternative to gluing and taping. Clunky but clean, and easier to replace.

Also note that whatever material or method one uses, the edges of the centreboard should be as straight and smooth as possible. Even the smallest imperfections can be nasty to the gaskets.

Really appreciate your reply.

I ordered some generic material and the double sided tape before I saw your reply that I saw someone doing on YouTube. I am going to try to do it without the metal strips since I don't have any but will use the link you mentioned if it fails. Appreciate the tip on the centerboard being smooth and straight. Since I have never viewed the gaskets in person all the links I can see really help.

Thanks for your reply
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