3rd Centerboard Question this Week!!!


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Sailed the Capri for the first time on Saturday in the Boxing Day Regatta (77 boats!!!).

It was fun but I suspect that we were doing many things wrong.

The centerboard control line on my boat is setup so that when you pull the line, LOWERS the centerboard .
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In the alternative configuration (and probably the stock version), pulling the line, RAISES the centerboard.
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Which is right and why? Or which method do you use and why?
I think it is the Green lines you have pictured in the 2nd diagram is the correct method. Then you have the bungee cord from the top of the centerboard to the transom. The bungee gives a little spring in case you run aground.

The top picture would work for you if you are sailing off a dock and in the ocean, and do not have an opportunity to run aground.

Although, I changed mine around to have the starboard line raise the centerboard and the port control line lower the centerboard. I had my bungee fail and the centerboard crept up a couple of times while I was sailing solo. I use the original cam cleats in the cockpit walls, by adding a carabiner onto the barney post for the port line and feeds back up to the cam cleat.

It is not very forgiving when you run aground, but I can adjust the centerboard to the exact position I want it and it will not move unexpectedly. Often I will raise the centerboard up partially or nearly all the way up depending on wind and heading. Downwind, I will raise it nearly all the way up to give a slight advantage while racing... you do have to remember to put it back down before you tack.

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Thanks Robert.

I sail in the Pacific and plan to keep the boat in a slip, so grounding shouldn't be an issue.

My only consern with the current setup is that if the control line is un-cleated, the board comes up. Not good.