2017 Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race: Sept 16th. Norfolk, VA

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I'd like to invite the Laser Class to Norfolk, VA for the 2017 Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race. The race is open to all dinghies and beach cats. There are already 6 Lasers registered so there will be a Laser start.
A unique change from the normal upwind/downwind racing, this is an 11 mile ride out into Hampton Roads harbor, around Middle Ground Lighthouse and back to the start in Willoughby Bay.

The race is all inclusive, encouraging novices and sailors who are a "bit rusty," but you will see all skill levels on the course.

Breakfast is provided. The post race party has food and free beer.

Any class with 5 or more boats will get a start. There are open classes for monohulls and multihulls which will be scored with the Portsmouth Yardstick rule. So please encourage non-Laser sailors to participate as well.

There is also a section on the website under the "more" heading for loaner boats.
There are camping, hotel, and Air BnB options for out of town competitors.

Hope to see you there!

Event Website with SIs and NOR: sunfish-challenge

Pictures from a previous event: 2014 Hampton Roads Sunfish Challenge and Dinghy Distance Race - SpinSheet