2012 Laser Master's Nationals @ Brant Beach Yacht Club, NJ


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Currently have 47 boats and 1 boat shy of a separate radial fleet so sign up! Early registration ends on the 1st of September.

Notice of Race​

2012 US Laser Masters Championship​

September 14-16, 2012

Brant Beach Yacht Club, Brant Beach, NJ
Revised 08/10/2012​

Note: Laser Master Clinic is being offered prior to the regatta.
1 Rules
1.1 The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of US SAILING, the rules of the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) and this Notice Of Race, except as any of these are changed by the Sailing Instructions or any appendices to the Sailing Instructions.
1.2 The organizing authority is the Brant Beach Yacht Club, Brant Beach, NJ, USA.
1.3 The regatta will be run in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20.
1.4 Unless a minimum of 15 Radial entries has been received by September 1, 2012, all entrants shall start and finish together and be scored as a single fleet. Competitors may choose Standard, Radial or 4.7 rigs at their discretion, provided that all rig changes are made on shore and all sails have the same number (Rig-Swapping Rule turned on). If a minimum of 15 Radial entries has been received by the pre-registration deadline, the Radial fleet shall be given a separate start and shall be scored separately from the Standard Rig fleet (Rig-Swapping Rule turned off). This changes ILCA Class Rule 27(d) by permission of the International Laser Class Association of North America.

2 Language
The official language for this regatta will be English.
3 Inspection and Measurement
Sails, blades, and boats may be measured prior to racing, and may also be spot checked at any time during the regatta. Note that numbers and letters drawn on the sail with permanent ink pens are not legal. Refer to http://www.laserinternational.org/sailnos.htm for detailed instructions.
4 Boats and Equipment
4.1 The organizing authority will provide a colored band to place on the mast of all boats between the vang fitting and the gooseneck. The colors are: Green for Apprentice, Red for Masters, Blue for Grand Masters and Yellow for Great Grand Masters.
4.2 If there are 2 fleets, the organizing authority will provide a masthead ribbon of any color for the Radial fleet
5 Eligibility and Entry
Competitors who are members of the International Laser Class Association and who have reached the age indicated in the categories below by September 14th, 2012 are eligible to compete. Competitors who are not members of the ILCA-NA or their national Laser Class Association, may enter by completing registration with the organizing authority
5.1 Competitors shall be divided into the following divisions: - Apprentice – 35-44 years of age - Master – 45-54 years of age - Grand Master – 55-64 years of age - Great Grand Master – 65+ years of age
5.2 Division shall be determined by competitor’s age on September 14, 2012.
6 Risk
It is the competitor's decision to enter the regatta and to start or continue any race. The competitors are ultimately responsible for the risks. The competitor will accept full responsibility for all his/her actions during any activity related to the event. This includes on-shore activities before, during, and after the regatta.
7 Schedule of Events
7.1 Schedule:
Thursday September 13
Club property will be open for boat storage and practice. Enter property via gate on Bayview Ave. between 62nd and 63rd streets.
1500-2000 Check in and registration at South Harbor Facility.
Friday, September 14
0800-0930 Check in and registration at South Harbor Facility
0700-0930 Breakfast at Main Clubhouse
0945 Skippers Meeting 
1100 First warning signal, races to follow
Dinner at Main Clubhouse after racing
Saturday, September 15
0730-0900 Breakfast at Main Clubhouse 
1030 First Warning signal, races to follow 
Optional Pizza and beer following racing at South Harbor Facility
Sunday, September 16
0700-0830 Breakfast at Main Clubhouse
1000 First warning signal, races to follow. BBQ and awards ASAP after last race.
7.2 Ten races are scheduled for this event. The number of races held each day will be at the discretion of the race committee.
7.3 No warning signal will be made after 15:00 on the final day of the regatta
8 Registration
Competitors should register in advance by completing online registration. Online registration is available at BBYC’s website (http://www.bbyc.net/)
9 Fees
9.1 The entry fee is $120 US. A late fee of $25 US will be charged beginning September 1, 2012.
9.2 The entry fee includes three days of full breakfasts, snacks, fruit, and fresh water for the competitors during each race day, Soda and beer after Friday through Sunday races, dinner/pizza/barbecue on scheduled days, Trophies, and a regatta T-Shirt.
10 Sailing Instructions
The sailing instructions will be available during on-site registration.
11 Courses & Racing Area
11.1 Courses will be windward-leewards, triangles, or combinations thereof and will be described in the sailing instructions.
11.2 The racing area will be on Little Egg Harbor Bay west of BBYC
12 Scoring
12.1 Scoring will be as provided in RRS 90.3.
12.2 Ten races are scheduled for each fleet. A minimum of 1 race must be completed to constitute a regatta.
12.3 A boat’s worst score will be discarded when 6 or more races are completed in her fleet, A boat's two worst scores will be discarded when 10 races are completed.
12.4 NA Masters handicap scoring system will apply to determine the overall winner. Add points per race as follows:
-Apprentices (35-44) 3 points
-Masters (45-54) 2 points 
-Grand Masters (55-64) 1 points 
-Great Grand Masters (65+) 0 points
13 Awards
13.1 If 15 Radials have not pre-registered before September 1, 2012 (and all entrants start and finish together and are scored as a single fleet) the awards for the open fleet will be given to 1st overall, 1st-3rd in each age division, 1st female overall.
13.2 If 15 Radials have pre-registered before September 1, 2012 (there will be a separate start and finish for the Radials) , additional awards will be given to 1st overall, 1st in each age division, and 1st female overall for the Radial division.
13.3 Additional awards may be given depending on fleet size
14 Further Information
Eric Reitinger
15 Housing
There will be very limited but some housing with club members. It will not be able to be confirmed until summer. For more information contact Don Hahl @ don.hahl@gmail.com
16 Additional Useful Information:
http://www.bbyc.net for weather links, directions to club, and link to regatta website.
Additional housing info:
Admiral Motel 609-494-0410 (1.9 Miles) 
Buccaneer Motel 609-492-4582 (3.1 Miles) 
Coral Seas Motel 609-492-1141 (4.5 Miles) 
Drifting Sands 609-494-1123 (2.3 Miles) 
Ebb Tide Motel 609-494-1785 (7.0 Miles) 
Harbor Side Motel 609-492-2233 (3.0 Miles) 
Haven Beach Motel 609-492-6223 (1.9 Miles) 
Holiday Inn/Rt.72 Mainland 609-597-9133 (6.0 Miles) 
Islander Motel 609-494-6964 (2.0 Miles) 
Mariner Motel 609-492-1235 (2.8 Miles) 
Ocean Breeze Motel 609-494-4090 (2.0 Miles) 
Park Haven Motel 609-492-8260 (1.4 Miles) 
Daddy-O Hotel 609 361 5100 (0.6 Miles) 
Sandpiper Motel 609-494-6909 (2.2 Miles) 
Sea Horse Motel 609-494-5392 (0.7 Miles) 
Spray Beach Motor Lodge 609-492-1501 (3.4 Miles)