2011 Heavy Weather Laser Slalom (updated)


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Video of the 2011 Heavy Weather Laser Slalom has been posted to YouTube!
The 2011 Heavy Weather Laser Slalom was sailed Wednesday-Thursday, August 3-4, in front of the St Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. The event drew a deep field of mostly competitors for the upcoming Master Worlds, but also drew top talent like Anna Tunnicliffe - gold medalist in the Radial at the 2008 Olympics. In the end, Ben Richardson came through the winners bracket to face off against Peter Shope from the loser bracket and in two exciting races with the most breeze of the event Peter Shope became the 2011 HWLS Champion! Check out more from the SailBlast blogsite.

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Upside down?
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It's quite nice/flashy. Wish though that there would be some longer stretches of tacks, jibes, going upwind and down (for 'educational' purposes).

Thanks; the video is as good as the AC video stuff coming out as far as getting people interested in (Laser) sailing, IMHO.
I have the video taken with one of the Sail Pro cameras (the other was lost!), mounted on the stern of the boat, and if I ever get over this nasty cold that has me laid flat except for a few hours a day, then I'll see if I can post some of it. I think there are four complete races captured on that video, one with Scott Ferguson, one with Sean Kelly and two with Adam French.
On the positive side, I'm sick this week and not last week!