2008 St Francis Spring Dinghy Regatta

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A full range of conditions over two days, building breeze on Saturday into the low 20's, lighter breeze on Sunday peaking around 10-12 knots. Tough racing, the top four boats separated by 1 point with first and second and then third and fourth settled on tie breakers.

Check out the action shots taken by St Francis photographer Chris Ray on his website. There are some great action shots of the carnage at the first leeward mark rounding during the third race on Saturday.

Full results are at the St Francis website (scroll down below the picture of the FD and look for "Spring Dinghy Results").

Looks like great fun. Still think there is something wrong with the batten placement on that prototype sail - shouldn't they be perpendicular to the leech of the mainsail? I do like the "speed stripes".

Mike S