2006 NAs?

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Are we sure these dates/location are even official? Wouldn't someone from the class have posted this information on the official website and/or on here if it was?
Old Geezer said:
So how about it NE, NY and MA reps? Can we schedule some Regionals in May and June?
WOW, are you calling me out?

I have truly grown tired of your incessant complaining. We VOLUNTEER our services for your benefit and if you feel we are not doing the job to your satisfaction then by all means throw your hat into the ring. But I get the distinct impression you would rather hide behind your screen name and throw jabs at us from the safety of your keyboard.

I'll tell you what Geezer, you tell us your real name and maybe I will try and help you out.
NE Sunfish said:
WOW, are you calling me out?
John - please don't misunderstand me - I am not complaining. I simply said "So how about it NE, NY and MA reps? Can we schedule some Regionals in May and June?"

This was a followup to a post by Brian McGuinness who said that if the NAs are in June, northern sailors might not have time to practice. My comment was meant as a constructive suggestion to you and the other regional regatta schedulers. Please accept it in that spirit.
As one who's actually sailed NY lakes for over 30 years I can safely say May isn't a month you sail without a drysuit. Many lakes are just out of ice and water temps run 35-45 degrees. A major Hobie regatta is sailed on Onieda lake in mid may every year and is called the Mad Catter, while the lake is shallow and warms quickly in the spring only the truely crazy (hense the name of the regatta) and hardiest of cat sailers with plenty of cold weather gear last the enitre regatta in most years.
There's been a fight for years over scheduling for the major regattas and regionals. Southern folks want May, June to avoid the heat and lack of wind during summer months and northerners tend to July and August when they can sail without several layers. Temperature has a lot to do with it, but school/vacation schedules also come into play.
North vs South
North sails is in August w/ breeze while southern kids have school.
South sails in June w/ breeze while northen kids have school.

If the Class wants to sail in July (the best TIME for both) then NAs should be scheduled at the same spot the same time every year. This spot would have the correct breeze, temp, off shore amentities. Does this spot exist YES, but it is not HOME to one Sunfish Sailor.

I'm so tired of this discussion. Just get over it and come to the regatta. When the Class gets 120 boats again, then it can be discussed.

If you want to complain about the Class...go find the NAs format proposal that was approved by the Class and see if the NAs are really abiding by the format. This goes for all clubs willing/wanting to host the NAs.

Clinton Edwards
If I ruffled your feathers, get over it.
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I'm not sure if you were reponding to me, but I wasn't trashing anything. I was just pointing out that by mid June New England is up and running.
My response is not directed to any one individual, but the class as a whole.


NA participation is about 80. 60 die hards and 20 local/every other year. Unfortunately, I currently fall into the second category.