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1976 US1436 Vanguard time capsule


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I purchased US1436 three years ago from an eccentric millionaire who originally purchased the boat from Vanguard. The boat was supposedly from a batch that was going to be shipped to the 1976 Olympic trials. The boat had never been in the water and had never even had the mast stepped. The boat had never been off the trailer. Since owning it I have replace all the lines shock cords etc., cleaned and waxed her. She has been in the water twice in her life. The sails are as perfect as can possibly be and the boat is in pristine condition. I have the original top and bottom covers and also purchased a new Sailors Tailor top cover for additional protection. The wife and I have sailed her twice and she sails beautifully but I would hate to damage her in any way. The boat deserves to be in a museum as she has never seen a full day of sun in her life.How much should a boat of this vintage and condition be worth?


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Are you looking to sell it or just validate it's "value"?

If you want to sell it please tell us where it is and how much you want. Thanks.