1962 Sunfish looks complete and original

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sunfish.jpg Hey, I just got this yesterday, I'm not sure how the guy knows the year is 1962. I don't see any tags on it. But he says the original 50 year owner kept it inside it's whole life. The next two owners had buyers remorse and kept passing it on till I got it. Everything seems to be where it belongs, except for the tiller extension, there's a hole where it went, but it has all the right hardware, wooden blades, and a metal bailer. Doesn't look like you can buy that kind of extension anymore...Oh and the base cap of the mast is missing, but does that even matter? All the joints around the bailer, mast step, and daggerboard slot seem solid. He told me the sail was only a year old, but I don't believe that part, but cheap as the sails are, who cares? They're $4000 for my Catalina. There are two small putty(?) repairs on the bottom which don't seem to be anything and a 1" crack on the topside that doesn't scare me. A small crack on either end of the splashboard in the bend. I just wanted something to play with in a local lake since my Catalina is 2 hours drive from me and not very much fun to sail alone. But it looks like I got a great boat for the age, not all falling apart and full of holes like I see people pulling from barns and restoring. So I'm curious, what do fans think of the older ones?
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It looks like it came with the trailer, so I'd say you did pretty good. :)

The mast rotates (causing wear) so you'll want to put a cap on the base. (Or duct tape). :rolleyes:

One of my boats came with a broomstick for a tiller extension. :cool:

I'd miss the cubby under the rear deck.


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Definitely put a cap on the base of the mast before sailing this or the rotation of the mast will saw a hole thru the hull.

Is there a block at the top of the mast for the halyard? That’s a sign of an older Sunfish. Also if there is a metal plate behind the splash rail with the serial number that can date the boat.
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Ok, cap's on the list. The top of the mast uses a block attached to an eyebolt. There are no markings anywhere on the boat other than a port and starboard faded Alcort Sunfish sticker.


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Get the newer mast cap and remove the block and eyebolt. The eyebolt
just ends up enlarging the holes in the mast and is impossible to seal.

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The older boats are great, sturdy, that's why they're still around. With no stripes it would be at least pre 1968. You can find the older tiller extension here on the Forum. And yes, you need the base cap. If you trailer your boat a ways I'd tape the mast block and the hardware on the rudder, those pieces can vibrate loose. Have fun!