sunfish parts

  1. Alan S. Glos

    NEW YORK All manner of used Sunfish, Sailfish, Minifish Parts and Gear For Sale

    Sunfish, Sailfish, Minifish Sailboat Parts and Gear For Sale Masts, booms, lines, rudders/tillers, daggerboards, blocks, bow handles, coamings, bailers, sails, Sunfish rudder upgrade kits, other hardware and fittings. I have just about all Sunfish parts in stock for under half the cost of...
  2. Woodwind

    Colie Sails - Great Customer Service - Friendly “Crew” you can talk to on the phone if needed

    Kudos to Clay and crew at Colie Sails! BTW Colie Sails has all the bits and pieces needed for the Sunfish too, down to cotter pins for the pintle. They even stock rolls of 3M electrical tape.... Here is my experience: It looks like it is one of those sailing stores that I’d like to bump around...
  3. F

    NEW YORK Blades For Sale -Reduced

    Selling rudder blade with head and a centerboard. Centerboard still in original wrapping. I do not believe the rudder has ever been used either Each in mint condition. Shipping additional from NY.
  4. P

    Sunfish parts looking for a good home

    A recent storm dropped tree crushed the hull of my beloved sunfish. Here are the undamaged parts available: Mast, boom, sail, rubber assembly, daggerboard, all hull fittings, cover. Only missing pieces are bailer assembly and rudder head. All in very good usable condition.
  5. joy664

    Help with new sunfish and wooden dinghy boat

    Hey, guys I just got a new sunfish for $300. I am trying to learn how to sail and thought this would be a great boat to learn on. Weirdly in the same day, some guy on craigslist gave me a free wooden dingy boat, its missing the rudder, centerboard, and boom though. It was hand made so I can not...
  6. C

    Pre-1972 Rudder & Tiller Assembly

    Extra rudder/tiller that came with my boat. Looks a little rough, but seems solid.
  7. B

    Sunfish VIN plate

    I resently bought a 1970's sunfish sailboat to play around with over the summer on local lakes and creeks. I was planing on adding a small electric trolling motor for the slow days. But here in New Jersey the boat needs to be registered and the VIN or serial number plate that is needed to do...
  8. A

    Sunfish parts needed...

    Looking for basically everything for a 1978 Sunfish - just got a hull (only), for free. Interested in good parts cheap - not overpriced used parts! I've owned, repaired, refurbished & resold hundreds of Sunfish & Lasers years ago when living on Cape Cod...
  9. L

    Rudder/Tiller for older Sunfish

    I have a rudder/ tiller and all the brass hardware necessary to restore your older model Sunfish. Please call 231-838-2344 for photos or more information. Will consider best offer. Thank you.