seitech dolly

  1. LGermain

    Seitech dolly tires- bearing maintenance?

    Hi, I just got an old seitech dolly and was wondering if the tires/bearings/axle should be treated with anything to be maintained? Thanks,
  2. D

    CANADA Laser parts for sale: mast sections, sails, covers, dolly, boom, vang, etc.- everything!

    Laser sailboat parts for sale! Radial or full rig bottom mast sections $125 each Aluminum top section- lightly used- $100 Top cover (APS) good condition $75 Bottom cover (APS) good condition $75 Seitech dolly with new wheels $150 Boom $75 Holt vang & rope- complete rig $75 Full rig non-class...
  3. M

    VIRGINIA Kitty Hawk trailer and Seitech Dolly Combos

    I have two sets of Kitty Hawk Galvanized Trailers, each with a Seitech Laser Dolly, for Sale. One trailer is a 2006. The other is 2008. I have titles for both trailers. Features: - Galvanized finish - Pivoting bow swivel - Stainless steel axle - Working lights - Greased bearings - 5...