1. bribri

    NEW YORK Phantom 14 Rudder Needed

    Bought a Phantom 14 without a rudder. Does any one have one to donate or sell?
  2. P

    Phantom sail

    Looking for phantom parts and sail
  3. T

    Phantom Rudder head dimensions

    So I am in communication with RWO. They are the company that made the pointer 14 (phantom clone) rudder heads. They need the dimensions for the rudder head in order to provide me with the right model head. Since I don't have one I need some help. Anyone have a phantom rider head they can measure...
  4. C

    Phantom Bailer

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on a recently purchased 1983 phantom with a bailer that is not operating as it should. After finding that I took on water even at fast speeds, I took the whole thing apart and cleaned it which seemed to help some but it still wasn't consistent. The disc...
  5. MarkSumner

    Questions from a first time sailor — Phantom 14

    I happen to live on a little 60-acre lake that doesn't allow gas motors. After picking up a canoe, kayak, and paddleboat and working them all to death (I may be the only person who has put more than 500 miles on a paddleboat), I couldn't resist a spiffy 1980 Phatom that I spotted nearby...