1. L

    Expired  MICHIGAN 470 sailboat/sails for sale

    Sailboat was made in 1972 and originally belonged to the St. Joseph Jr. Foundation sailing school, where I learned to sail (in the 70's). I bought it from a private owner and sailed it for a few years and then it was in storage for 10 years. The boat is for sale for parts, but was functional...
  2. K

    NEW YORK 1968 Alcort Sunfish For Sale

    Serial # 53608. 14' It was in the last owner's family since new, we are the 2nd owner. Unrestored survivor. Its always stored dry and covered or garaged. Sailed only in fresh water (Lake George). Original aluminum top deck trim and coaming are completely intact and all rivets still in place...
  3. Charlotte Kinkade

    Expired  MAINE J24 FOR SALE: Camden, Maine

    Full listing details: 1986 J Boats J-24
  4. L&VW

    Original Sail?

    With my most recent Sunfish purchase last month, I hadn't had a chance to examine this 1971 Sunfish's sail. Yesterday, examination showed a silky all-white sail with about 15 holes :( . It risked a major tearing, but I took it for a spin anyway, with a variable wind from 1 to 7-MPH. Labeled...
  5. L&VW

    1971 Sunfish, Complete, Original Sail, Bronze Rudder Parts, Red deck.

    Just brought down from New Hampshire, this Sunfish has a faint oval ring on the bottom that indicates it was moored for much of its life—and it shows! Stored under a house, the registration sticker shows 1999. :eek: While the deck needs polishing to bring back the shine, the underside retains...