1. M

    2016 Laser Hull

    2016 Laser Hull for sale - GB-PSELS443A616 Only used as race boat by a junior, always stored indoors. No soft spots, no cracks, completely dry. See pictures. This boat has podium twice in Orange Bowl, Nationals, D13 and several other regattas. Boat is in Fort Lauderdale and can be delivered in...
  2. L&VW

    FLORIDA NOT-restorable Sunfish hull trade.

    Will trade decent "transitional" 1971 Sunfish for your irreparable Sunfish hull. Pre-71 hulls preferred. Message me using the envelope icon at top of this screen.
  3. M

    420 Hull in great shape $350

    I have this 420 class sailing boat that I bought a year ago . The idea was to source and equip it with all the riging and stuff amd enjoy it supirior sailing design and craftsemnship, but time pass and people change their minds and Other priorities coming in . I think it is 2013 year made by ZIM...
  4. C

    Boat repair and upkeep - advice wanted!

    Howdy everyone! I am a counselor at a summer camp in Maine currently in possession of four sunfish sailboats. These boats are very well loved and highly under cared for, with ages ranging from 4 years - long before my time. I grew up and learned to sail in some of them and would love to provide...
  5. W

    Laser Mast Step Worn Out - Cracked Hull

    Good Day Mates, I have a 'new to me Laser' that was thrown into my hands. The boat must be early 80's, and it sails, but needs some TLC. I just installed an inspection port on the foredeck to get a better look at what the issue is - it doesn't look too bad. 1. There is a crack in the hull...
  6. L

    Laser Hull (Needs Work)

    This laser hull needs work, it has a good bottom (perfect gel coat) and a relatively soft deck (as comes with intense use here in the Northeast). The foam hull blocks (it is an 1985') are waterlogged, and the boat is 50 pounds overweight as a result. The hull/deck joint is not watertight in the...
  7. J

    CONNECTICUT Older Sunfish hull, cast hardware, for parts or restoration

    Hull in poor condition, waterlogged but floats. Cast (not stamped) fittings for rudder/tiller, rudder/tiller in poor but usable condition, dagger board similar. Metal mast and makeshift spars. Located in Bethlehem CT. Preparing for move, this boat will unfortunately have to go by springtime...
  8. L

    Two Laser package with double Rite On Trailer and Extra's

    $7200 Or Best Offer Two Laser package with double Rite On Trailer and Extra's Both Hulls are Light Stiff and Dry Stored in Covers and recently stored inside. Selling as a package will not part out. Perfect for someone that is serious about racing or just looking to start sailing the Laser...
  9. S

    Laser hull needed

    In Denver or nearby. Could use a laser hull. Nothing fancy, just not junk
  10. N

    Bottom hull filling with water

    I was given an old laser and now found out that it's made in two parts - the top (cockpit) and bottom (hull). How was the cockpit edge sealed into the hull? There is nothing there now (I can actually move the cockpit out of the hull a little). Water is obviously going in through this gap...
  11. Joeslost

    Whoops there's foam here: On inspection ports

    Hello all! I just last week purchased my very first Sunfish sailboat for $350. The previous owner expressed some concern that some water made its way into the hull, and after my first expedition on the water (wow what a blast) there was defiantly water in the hull. At this realization I made...
  12. M

    Newly Acquired Sunfish

    Hello, I recently acquired a 1977 sunfish! Very excited about sailing it this summer. Hull came in weighing about 160lb. That was before removing the drain plug and emptying it out. Once the weather got warmer, I decided to start looking into cutting an inspection port a few inches aft of...
  13. M

    Laser Hull ID

    Hello, I just picked up an old laser today. The seller had no idea what he had and knew nothing at all about boats. He received it in a trade a few days ago and drove two hours each way to deliver it. Final Price: 300. Deck and hull are solid, mast step holds water, and is light enough to carry...
  14. J

    Hull leak

    I have a 2003 hull that is getting a small amount of water in it only after sailing in pretty heavy chop. That tells me that it is probably coming in somewhere in the bow. It's not the mast step though. But the baffling part of the leak is that the hull holds air. When I remove the drain plug...
  15. Drew Kobasa

    Sunfish Hull Repair Help

    Hi guys, I just bought my first sunfish last weekend. It's a 1988. I got a great deal on it with a racing sail, but it has some damage. The guy I bought it from said during the winter wind flipped the sailboat and the impact caused the crack. I've looked through the forums, but I haven't found...
  16. C

    Hull Square Feet

    Though I can take a rough average of about 14x4' which equates to 56 sqft, I am curious to know if any mathematicians already have the total square feet of a laser's hull on hand? I have a very old laser that needs a new gelcoat and I would like to purchase the correct quantity prior to starting...