1. K2LSS

    Repair  Foam Daggerboard Resurfacing

    How does one go about resurfacing the older foam foils? Recently started a project with an older Laser, the foam foils had been exposed to the elements for years, the rudder is in a fairly good condition given the exposure, but the daggerboard has cracks appearing on the surface. The leading...
  2. D

    Expired  NEW YORK Sunfish Daggerboards and Rudder (Wood)

    Great condition Sunfish daggerboards and rudder/tiller assembly. First pictured daggerboard is in showroom condition SOLD. The rudder and tiller combo is ready to sail. $250 The daggerboard (pics 34,36) is ready to go with minor flaws $100 The other daggerboard (pics 39-41) is also ready to use...
  3. U

    NEW YORK Daggerboard Needed

    Hi. I recently purchased a used sunfish, and the daggerboard is damaged. I was hoping to find a durable daggerboard here for slightly less than I've seen online. Please leave asking prices and pictures. Thanks so much! My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me there.
  4. W

    Small boat drifting to leeward

    Hi, I'm a new casual sailor and I have a very small sailing catamaran (only 8ft long) that I made this summer. It has an issue where it drifts to leeward about 1 meter for every 3 meters of forward distance. I only have a rather small daggerboard on my boat. Is that the issue? What should the...
  5. S

    Laser Daggerboard no 2

    Laser Daggerboard with shock chord retainer. $150, or best offer. Shipping extra. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com. Chips in Daggerboard will be repaired today.
  6. S

    RHODE ISLAND Laser Daggerboard

    Laser Daggerboard, needs some work. Will include stopper. $100. Shipping extra. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
  7. sinogin

    RHODE ISLAND Sailing Boat Swap and Sale at Zim

    A local club brought in a bunch of old sunfish and parts to sell at our Boat Swap this Saturday. See details below. Saturday April 6th from 9-3 @ Zim Sailing's Headquarters! 33 Broadcommon Rd, Unit 1, Bristol RI, 02809 Used Boat Auction: Sell your Opti, 420, Sunfish, or Laser. Find a great...
  8. R

    New style daggerboard repair

    So I hit a rock or something in August, and damaged my new daggerboard, and over the winter seems like a great time to fix it. This forum seems to have great advice for stuff like this, but there's nothing in the FAQ for this, and searching "daggerboard repair" didn't seem to get what I'm...
  9. M

    Laser I Daggerboard

    Selling Laser I daggerboard. Buyer pays shipping.
  10. D

    Sunfish Sailboat Mahogany Daggerboard

    Used Sunfish mahogany daggerboard. Very nice condition
  11. A

    Sunfish parts needed...

    Looking for basically everything for a 1978 Sunfish - just got a hull (only), for free. Interested in good parts cheap - not overpriced used parts! I've owned, repaired, refurbished & resold hundreds of Sunfish & Lasers years ago when living on Cape Cod...
  12. M

    GRP Blades Daggerboard Complete Rudder and APS Blade bag

    I have three auctions on eBay, one for each of the above items. Thanks for looking and the interest. Per my notes in the listings, I will sell all three items for $1,100 plus $50 shipping, but feel free to make offers. If we agree on a package price, I will need to do it as a private sale...